London design festival 2017

16th - 24th september

4, cromwell place, london sw7 2jn


an edition of silk scarves and a unique, hand-crafted quilt, created for

'other stories - alternative perspectives on design',

an exhibition curated by Jane withers.


available to purchase at the exhibition and online below.  




100% SILK CREPE DE CHINE - 100cm x 100cm

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Is a chair a solution to sitting in civilised comfort or a distraction from the joy of sitting upon the ground like a child? Is a polyester dress a brightly dyed delight of fashion or a bundle of indestructible plastic fibres that will be gradually washed into the sea? is a car a great convenience or A polluting obstruction to health? Is a silk scarf a thing of beauty that warms your neck or just a waste of printing ink?

The ambiguous title of the design questions the intention of ‘problem solving’ that has been commonly regarded as a fundamental virtue of design practice – asking whether design, manufacturing and consumer culture naturally offer solutions to our problems or indeed create problems from the solutions we seek?

As one looks across our global society and the sheer complexity of causes and effects, maybe there is no ‘problem’ that we yet fully understand. And if that is the case, what should happen to the notion of a solution?


the 'no solution' textile design was created in response to the theme of the exhibition 'Other Stories – alternative perspectives on design', which brings together work by designers and social entrepreneurs who interrogate how things are made and consumed. The exhibition aims to present work that questions accepted models and stimulates the imagination beyond product. 

THIS project follows in a line of art and design works by committee, that muse or comment on the subject of product design, manufacturing and consumerism, whilst still taking part in the market. Committee returns frequently to working with found objects as a way of inviting a fresh view on the material culture we sometimes take for granted around us; marvelling at the incredible array of man-made inventions and considering the effect they have on people and the world they inhabit.

Where previously Committee has made sculpture, film and installation from these found materials, this time Committee has photographed an eclectic selection of the many objects they collect, to create textile designs for both a small edition of silk scarves and a unique, hand crafted quilt.